Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Quotes

- Its easier to be someone else rather than yourself . But , if you try hard enough you can be who you want to be.

- A tattoo isnt just art . It lets a person expess their inner beauty on the outside and shows noone is the same :)


A little boy
Young and pecious
Doesnt understand life
Interested in everything
Nana's the world


Your gunna be a big star.
what do you need me for ?
Youll have everything one could ask
im nothing more than a unneeded task.

when your famous you will see
your better off without me
you should have listened to your friends
when they said you could do better

im sorry it had to be this way
I thought we were for forever and a day
but i apparently was wrong
and this is why im long gone .

Aunties Love ♥

Auntie will be there
Until Forever
Nothing can come between
The bond we share
I'll love you more
Each and everyday.
So dont you worry cause ,

Love can last for
Over an eternity and
Valued more than anything
Ever could ♥ I love you

Aydins Poem

I remember your big blue eyes
looking up at me
as your held my finger
with your tiny hands

Seeing your first steps,
hearing your first works
puts the biggest smile
across my face

watching you begin to grow
is like no other.
Everyday theres something new
and I dont want to miss a thing !

Monday, March 22, 2010


You get that sparkle
in each eye
and that rosy pink
on each cheek

i can see the glee
in your smile
and the happiness
on your face

Everytime you look at her ....

I can hear the joy
in your laugh
and the excitment
in your voice

Everytime you talk to her ....

theres no joy or excitment
that i hear
theres no glee or happiness
that i see

Everytime you look at me ....

Written Nov 26, 09

Boom Boom Boom !

I want to sing that simple song
the one that everyone knows
it gets stuck in your head
as the beat goes

boom boom boom

Oh yeah , the bass in poundin
that beats a rockin
lets turn it up
like there aint no stoppin

Lets heat up the dance floor
put on a sexy show
stomp your feet , clap your hands
lets make this place go

boom boom boom !

Written Nov 26, 09

Thats What Moms Do

Was 5 years old
When she came out running
as i layed on the sidewalk
crying the blues

She picked me up
and wiped away the tears
said dont cry ill make it better
thats what moms do

16 years old
when that boy broke my heart
thinking my life was over
she came to help

She held my hand
and looked me in the eyes
said im here to help the heartache
thats what moms do

8 years later
i put on that white gown
as i walked down the aisle
i seen her tears

Stopped beside her
i couldnt help but cry
she said its my time to let go
thats what moms do

At 82
she said her last goodbyes
took both my hands to her heart
and said to me

Dont you worry
i might be saying bye
but will still be watching over
thats what moms do

Written  July 27th , 09

Say Goodbye

Did it make you feel like a man,
to hit me with the back of your hand
To throw me on this cold floor,
only to hit me a few times more.

Theres nothing now that you can say
Sorry , just wont cut it today
Your play time is over and done
its now my turn to have some fun

As I stand outside your bedroom door
I stop to think about this once more
All the hurtful things you have said
they keep running through my head.

So here I stand over your bed
with nothing but a gun and lead
No going back whats done is done
So say goodbye , theres nowhere to run

Written June 8th 09

Just Sing !

Sometimes your to loud
sometimes your to flat
but baby it doesnt matter
if you sing like that

Just sing out with your heart
each and every little part
Bring each and every word alive
sing all on which you strive

Act like noones listening
act like you dont care
cuz baby all i can tell you is
is just to sing what you dare

Just sing out with your heart
each and every little part
Bring each and every word alive
sing all on which you stive .

Written Arpil 16th , 09


Friendship is something to live for,
and not something you should ignore
Its something you can bring to life
with a child , friend, husband or wife .

There is one thing to always know,
some people come and some may go
but certain friends are there until the end
Because what you are , is bestfriends.

The one you can tell all your secrets too,
and know that theyll be kept just for you.
The one you can share your life with,
and know you wont be living a myth.

Theres one thing ive come to know,
peope like you dont just come and go.
Friends like you are here until the end,
Because what you are is my bestfriend

Written April 16th . 09

I Am ...

I am the girl with the long brown hair
who walks this world without a care
I am the girl with the big brown eyes
who noone knows sometimes cries

There is more to me that life can see
Life cant see just who I am
Life cant see who I want to be
Because I am noone but me

I am the girl who will make you smile
Even if it takes a while
I am the girl who loves to have fun
Even when the work days done

So dont try to change who i am
cuz noone will and noone can

There is more to me that life can see
Life cant see just who I am
Life cant see who I want to be
Because I am noone but me

There is more to me that life can see
Life cant see just who I am
Life cant see who I want to be
Because I am noone but me

Written April 11th , 09

Im Gunna Miss You !

As begin your journey south bound
You just know you cant turn around,
You look in your mirror with a tear in your eye
and see me there behind you waving good bye

Im gunna miss you theres no questions
may even go through a little depression
But, we both know its only for the best
So pick up your guitar , I know youll impress

So for now ill be waiting right here,
because i support you and you career
And no matter what life makes,
well get through it no matter what it takes

So tune your guitar and grab the mic,
cause your something everyone will like.
Sing the lyrics and play your song
Up on stage is the place you belong

Written April 9, 09

Let The Music

Sometimes we feel like were on our own
and left on this world be alone.
That theres noone left here to care for,
like your living your own personal war.
but, when the times are running slow,
there is something you should always know.
when your feeling down and blue
there is always one thing you can do.

Pump up the volume and let it disappear
listen to the lyrics that you hear.
Let the energy take its toll,
and dance until you loose control.
Music can take away all your pains,
and leave you tingling throughout your veins.
Just let the music free your soul.

Music can free you from whatever you feel,
its the one remedy that can always heal.
Whether its jazz, pop, country, or rock,
its anything that can make your heart stop.
Music is something you shouldnt fear,
open up and let all your problems clear.
Let the music free your soul.

Written March 6th , 09

Something Special

It started out with a glance in the hallway
as we walked by eachother each day.
You smiling with your friends , with out a care.
While i walked with mine, trying not to stare.
It took one good friend to look and realize ,
what was seen within eachothers eyes

I seen something special in you,
and decided to try you through
And with each day my love has grew
into something bigger, better and even new

Its been over 3 years and some odd days
and im still feeling the same old ways.
The feeling of love i cannot bare,
and the feelings of love i hope you still share.
because, my love for you will forever stay,
until the end of my dying day.

I still see that something special in you,
and glad i decided to try you through.
because with each day that my love has grew,
its been nothing but the best being with someone like you .

Written March 5, 09


Dreams make people believe ,
but can also make people grieve
Dreaming is not a lesson were taught,
and its not something sold or baught.
A dream is a place where we go away,
to find a special place to stay
A place to help you find who you are,
& to think about life near or far
Dreams can be big or small ,
depending on how you make them all.
You can dream about life, success, or fame,
it doesnt matter how far you aim .
So dream big , far, and wide.
& even use it as a guide.
Make the most of what you can,
dont be afraid to make it a plan.
Because I know youll be amazing,
at any dream you are praising

Written Feb 25th , 09