Monday, March 22, 2010

Something Special

It started out with a glance in the hallway
as we walked by eachother each day.
You smiling with your friends , with out a care.
While i walked with mine, trying not to stare.
It took one good friend to look and realize ,
what was seen within eachothers eyes

I seen something special in you,
and decided to try you through
And with each day my love has grew
into something bigger, better and even new

Its been over 3 years and some odd days
and im still feeling the same old ways.
The feeling of love i cannot bare,
and the feelings of love i hope you still share.
because, my love for you will forever stay,
until the end of my dying day.

I still see that something special in you,
and glad i decided to try you through.
because with each day that my love has grew,
its been nothing but the best being with someone like you .

Written March 5, 09

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