Monday, March 22, 2010

Let The Music

Sometimes we feel like were on our own
and left on this world be alone.
That theres noone left here to care for,
like your living your own personal war.
but, when the times are running slow,
there is something you should always know.
when your feeling down and blue
there is always one thing you can do.

Pump up the volume and let it disappear
listen to the lyrics that you hear.
Let the energy take its toll,
and dance until you loose control.
Music can take away all your pains,
and leave you tingling throughout your veins.
Just let the music free your soul.

Music can free you from whatever you feel,
its the one remedy that can always heal.
Whether its jazz, pop, country, or rock,
its anything that can make your heart stop.
Music is something you shouldnt fear,
open up and let all your problems clear.
Let the music free your soul.

Written March 6th , 09

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