Saturday, May 1, 2010


People in the world should
Realize what they have .
Everyday we should be thankful
Cause in just one day,
It could be gone in the blink
Of ones eye .
Use everyday to its fullest
So you never miss a thing .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Quotes

- Its easier to be someone else rather than yourself . But , if you try hard enough you can be who you want to be.

- A tattoo isnt just art . It lets a person expess their inner beauty on the outside and shows noone is the same :)


A little boy
Young and pecious
Doesnt understand life
Interested in everything
Nana's the world


Your gunna be a big star.
what do you need me for ?
Youll have everything one could ask
im nothing more than a unneeded task.

when your famous you will see
your better off without me
you should have listened to your friends
when they said you could do better

im sorry it had to be this way
I thought we were for forever and a day
but i apparently was wrong
and this is why im long gone .

Aunties Love ♥

Auntie will be there
Until Forever
Nothing can come between
The bond we share
I'll love you more
Each and everyday.
So dont you worry cause ,

Love can last for
Over an eternity and
Valued more than anything
Ever could ♥ I love you

Aydins Poem

I remember your big blue eyes
looking up at me
as your held my finger
with your tiny hands

Seeing your first steps,
hearing your first works
puts the biggest smile
across my face

watching you begin to grow
is like no other.
Everyday theres something new
and I dont want to miss a thing !

Monday, March 22, 2010


You get that sparkle
in each eye
and that rosy pink
on each cheek

i can see the glee
in your smile
and the happiness
on your face

Everytime you look at her ....

I can hear the joy
in your laugh
and the excitment
in your voice

Everytime you talk to her ....

theres no joy or excitment
that i hear
theres no glee or happiness
that i see

Everytime you look at me ....

Written Nov 26, 09