Monday, March 22, 2010

Thats What Moms Do

Was 5 years old
When she came out running
as i layed on the sidewalk
crying the blues

She picked me up
and wiped away the tears
said dont cry ill make it better
thats what moms do

16 years old
when that boy broke my heart
thinking my life was over
she came to help

She held my hand
and looked me in the eyes
said im here to help the heartache
thats what moms do

8 years later
i put on that white gown
as i walked down the aisle
i seen her tears

Stopped beside her
i couldnt help but cry
she said its my time to let go
thats what moms do

At 82
she said her last goodbyes
took both my hands to her heart
and said to me

Dont you worry
i might be saying bye
but will still be watching over
thats what moms do

Written  July 27th , 09

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